Publications and Presentations

The following are some examples of recent publications and presentations on manganese biogeochemistry by members of the Geomicrobiology Research Group.  Some of these publications are related to work done with other collaborators at other institutions; others are collaborative within the group.

Recent Publications

(* indicates student author)

*Mara LCscanning electron microscope image Cloutier, Sarah K Carmichael, Michael A Carson, Michael D Madrich, and Suzanna Bräuer, 2017, Carbon quantity and quality drives variation in cave microbial communities and regulates Mn(II) oxidation, Biogeochemistry, v. 134, no. 1–2, p. 77–94 (DOI: 10.1007/s10533-017-0343-8)

Sarah K Carmichael, Daniel H Doctor, Crystal G Wilson, *Joshua Feierstein, Ryan J McAleer, 2017, New insight into the origin of manganese oxide ore deposits in the Appalachian Valley and Ridge of northeastern Tennessee and northern Virginia, USA, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 129, no. 9-10, p. 1158-1180 (DOI: 10.1130/B31682.1)

Carmichael, S.K., *Zorn, B.T., Santelli, C.M., *Roble, L.A., *Carmichael, M.J., and Bräuer, S.L., 2015, Nutrient input influences fungal community composition and size and can stimulate Mn(II) oxidation in caves, Environmental Microbiology Reports, v. 7, no. 4, p. 592-605 (DOI:10.1111/1758-2229.12291)

Carmichael, Sarah K., and Bräuer, Suzanna L., 2015, Microbial diversity and manganese cycling: a review of Mn-oxidizing microbial cave communitiesin Engel, A., ed., Microbial Life of Cave Systems, in Wagner, D., ed., Life in Extreme Environments, Volume 3, De Gruyter, Boston, MA, p. 137-160 (DOI: 10.1515/9783110339888-009) (invited book chapter)

Santelli, C. M., Chaput, D. L., and Hansel, C. M., 2014, Microbial communities promoting Mn(II) oxidation in Ashumet Pond, a historically polluted freshwater pond undergoing remediation: Geomicrobiology Journal, v. 31, no. 7, p. 605-616

Carmichael, Sarah K., *Carmichael, Mary Jane, *Roble, Leigh Anne, *Johnson, Krissy, Gao, Yongli, and Bräuer, Suzanna, 2013, Evidence of Sustained Anthropogenic Impact in Carter Saltpeter Cave, Carter County, Tennessee, Journal of Cave and Karst Science, v. 73, no. 3, p. 184-209

*Carmichael, Mary Jane, Carmichael Sarah K., Santelli, Cara, *Strom, Amanda C., and Bräuer, Suzanna L., 2013, Mn(II)-oxidizing bacteria are abundant and environmentally relevant members of ferromanganese deposits in Eastern Tennessee Caves, Geomicrobiology Journal, v. 13, no. 9, p. 779-800

Tang, Y., Zeiner, C. A., Santelli, C. M., and Hansel, C. M., 2013, Fungal oxidative dissolution of the Mn(II)-bearing mineral rhodochrosite and the role of metabolites in manganese oxide formation: Environmental Microbiology, v. 15, no. 4, p. 1063-1077.

Luan, F., Santelli, C. M., Hansel, C. M., and Burgos, W. D., 2012, Defining manganese(II) removal processes in passive coal mine drainage treatment systems through laboratory incubation experiments: Applied Geochemistry, v. 27, p. 1567-1578.

Hansel, C. M., Zeiner, C. A., Santelli, C. M., and Webb, S. M., 2012, Mn(II) oxidation by an ascomycete fungus is linked to superoxide production during asexual reproduction: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, v. 109, no. 31, p. 12621-12625.

Johnson KW*, Carmichael MJ*, McDonald W*, Rose N*, Pitchford J, Windelspecht M, Karatan E, and Bräuer SL, 2012, Increased abundance of Gallionella spp., Leptothrix spp. and total bacteria in response to enhanced Mn and Fe concentrations in a disturbed southern Appalachian high elevation riparian wetland. Geomicrobiology Journal 29:124–138.

Bräuer SL, Adams C*, Kranzler K*, Murphy D, Xu M*, Zuber P, Simon HM, Baptista AM and Tebo BM, 2011, Culturable Rhodobacter and Shewanella species are abundant in estuarine turbidity maxima of the Columbia River, Environmental Microbiology 13(3): 589–603. 

Recent Geomicrobiology Research Group Conference Presentations

(* indicates student author)

*Cashay, Mara L., Carmichael, Sarah K., Carson, Michael, Hughes, Andrew, Madritch, Michael, and Bräuer, Suzanna L., 2016, Manganese oxides in caves - in situ bioindicator experiments can reveal enzymatic pathways of Mn(II) oxidation, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 48, No. 7 (doi: 10.1130/abs/2016AM-278491)

*Cashay, Mara L., Carmichael, Sarah K., *Zorn, Bryan T., and Bräuer, Suzanna L., 2015, Impact of exogenous nutrients on Mn-oxidizing microbial consortia among caves of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 47, No. 7, p.56

*Cashay, Mara L., Sarah K. Carmichael, Bryan T. Zorn, Michael A. Carson, Nathan Basiliko, and Suzanna L. Bräuer, 2015, Response of bacterial Mn(II)-oxidizing consortia to exogenous carbon sources in caves in the southern Appalachian Mountains. American Society for Microbiology, North Carolina Branch, Abstract #2.4, p. 10.

*Zorn, B. T., Santelli, C. M., Carmichael, S. K., Pepe-Ranney, C. P., *Roble, L. A., *Carmichael, M.J., and Bräuer, S., 2013, Illumina sequencing of fungi associated with manganese oxide deposits in cave systems. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Abstract #B11B-0369. 

Carmichael, Sarah K., *Carmichael, Mary Jane, *Roble, Leigh Anne, *Johnson, Krissy, Gao, Yongli, Santelli, Cara, and Bräuer, Suzanna, 2013, Using biominerals to assess anthropogenic impact: a case study in Carter Salt Peter Cave, Carter County, TN. Conference on Carbon and Boundaries in Karst, Karst Waters Institute, Carlsbad, NM

Wilson, Crystal G., Carmichael, Sarah K., *Rash, Michael, and *Feierstein, Joshua, 2012, Biological formation of supergene manganese oxide deposits in east Tennessee. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Abstract #139-8

Carmichael S.K., *Carmichael, M.J., Johnson, K.J., *Roble, L.A., *Strom, A.C., Santelli, C.M., and Bräuer, Suzanna L., 2012, Microbial Mn(II) oxidation as an indicator of anthropogenic impact in caves: a case study in Carter Salt Peter Cave, Carter County, TN. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Abstract #78-6

Sarah K. Carmichael and Crystal G. Wilson, 2012, A biological origin for middle Miocene manganese oxide ores in the southern Appalachians, presented at the 2012 Geochemistry of Ore Deposits Gordon Research Conference, Andover, NH

Sarah K. Carmichael, Crystal G. Wilson, *Michael Rash, and *Joshua Feierstein, 2012, Biological controls on Mn oxide ore formation in east Tennessee, USA. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. TBA (22nd V.M. Goldschmidt Conference - presented 24-29 June 2012).

*Roble, Leigh Anne, Carmichael Sarah K., Santelli, Cara, *Zorn, Brian, and Brauer, Suzanna L., 2012, Mn oxide biomineralization morphologies of fungi in southern Appalachian Caves. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. TBA (22nd V.M. Goldschmidt Conference - presented 24-29 June 2012).

*Rash, Michael R., Wilson, Crystal G., Carmichael, Sarah K., and *Feierstein, Josh, 2012, Geologic mapping and field observations of the mode and occurrence of Mn-oxide in the Doe Ridge Culmination, Mountain City, TN. Geological Society of America Southeastern Section - 61st Annual Meeting (presented 1–2 April 2012)

Carmichael MJ*, Carmichael SK, Craig T*, Strom A*, Galior K*, Roble LA*, and Bräuer SL. 2011. Microbial communities associated with the biomineralization of Mn oxides in subterranean karst environments of the southern Appalachians. Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations. Annual Meeting, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC.

Carmichael MJ*, Carmichael SK, Roble LA*, and Bräuer SL. 2011. Mn-oxide Deposits in Tennessee Cave Systems Harbor Diverse and Unique Microbial Communities. American Society of Microbiology. Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.